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Strategic Leadership Transformation Executive Development Program

Transform Your Leadership, Transform Your future

Embark on a transformative journey with the Strategic Leadership Transformation Live Program.

This 4-week intensive is designed to fast-track your development and prepare you to lead effectively in tomorrow’s dynamic business environment. Enhance your foresight, agility, and strategic acumen to navigate complex challenges and catalyze transformative change.

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Unlock Your Strategic Potential

Empowering Leaders for Tomorrow's Challenges

Welcome to a powerful Executive Development Experience that combines the flexibility of online learning with Personal Coaching and the dynamic interaction of live group coaching. This program is designed for leaders who are determined to make a significant impact in their careers and organizations.

Why Choose This Program

It's uniquely crafted to enhance decision-making, adaptability, and global perspective, preparing participants to effectively navigate and lead in a complex business landscape.

The program offers a transformative journey, emphasizing visionary leadership and strategic foresight. Leaders will not only learn to anticipate and respond to evovling business landscapes but also drive innovation and change initiatives within their organizations.

Program Overview

Our program is structured into four transformative modules, each designed to address a specific aspect of strategic leadership. Join our "Exclusive Launch Cohort" and be among the first to experience this transformative journey.


Strategic Leadership Mindset

Embrace the critical role of mindset in leadership effectiveness to help navigate challenges and innovate in rapidly changing environments.

Module 2

Becoming Strategic Leaders

Understand the multifaceted nature of strategic leadership and strategic leaders to develop key skills in becoming a strategic leader.

Module 3

Unleashing Strategic Priorities

Master the art of prioritization and decision-making through different frameworks and real-world case studies from CEOs and Leaders.

Module 4

Strategic Management & Way Forward 

Dedicate time for strategic thinking and action planning. Apply practical tools to align daily actions with strategic goals.

Live Group Coaching: 4 Week of Live Group Coaching To support your development and accountability

1:1 Executive Coaching Sessions: Every participant will receive 2 Executive Coaching Sessessions to support and exelerate your growth and remove your obstacles. (Value $1,000)

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Who Will Benefit From This Prorgam?

  • Mid to Senior-Level Managers Transitioning to Strategic Roles: Ideal for those looking to step up from operational duties to higher level strategic responsibilities.

  • High-Potential Individuals Poised for Leadership Positions: Tailored for emerging leaders ready to take on more significant challenges and leadership roles.

  • Professionals Seeking a Shift from Operational to Strategic Leadership: Designed for those aiming to transform their approach from day-to-day operations to broader strategic planning.

  • Established Leaders Aiming to Refine Their Strategic Acumen: Perfect for experienced leaders who want to deepen their strategic insights and maintain their competitive edge.

What You Will Get

  • Live Group Coaching Sessions: 4 weekly live coaching / Q&A to accelerate your growth and accountability.

  • 1:1 Executive Coaching Support for rapid transformation: 2 sessions of personal executive coaching support.

  • Accessible Online Lessons: Engage with lessons that you can access at any time and from anywhere, designed to fit into your busy schedule.

  • Worksheets and Exercises: Apply what you learn using practical worksheets and exercises that help translate theoretical knowledge into real-world strategic actions.

  • Assessment and Reflection Tools: Enhance your personal development and increase self-awareness with tools designed to monitor your growth and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Access your courses anywhere anytime

1:1 Executive Coaching Support

Live Interactive group coaching support 

Practical tools, and self-reflective exercises

The program's format ensures comprehensive learning without overwhelming your weekly schedule, making it an ideal choice for professionals keen on enhancing their leadership capabilities in a time-efficient manner.

How Does It Work? 

The Strategic Leadership Transformation Program is carefully designed for efficiency and profound learning. Tailored to fit into a busy professional's schedule, the program guides participants through a well-structured and manageable journey:

  • Customized Coaching Support: This additional 1:1 coaching support is tailored to your specific leadership goals and challenges enable your rapid transformation.

  • Accessible Online Lessons: Start with online lessons that introduce key concepts and strategies essential for effective leadership. Each module, designed to be completed weekly, requires an estimated commitment of just 1 hour, including lessons and worksheets.

  • Interactive Live Group Coaching: Participate in four live group coaching sessions. These sessions are a key element of the program's cohort-based approach, enhancing the overall learning experience through real-time interaction and engagement.

  • Practical Application: Gain access to practical tools, frameworks, and worksheets that have been proven effective with extensive use by clients. These resources are designed to facilitate the direct application of learned concepts.

  • Case Studies and Exercises: Solidify your understanding by applying your newfound knowledge to case studies and exercises that reflect real-life leadership scenarios and challenges.

Nannapat was the best! She really provided me with the insights and tools I needed to work on my development to achieve greater impact.

Sr. Director, Operations

Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Company


Nannapat Sage

Coach Nannapat Sage, a dynamic and seasoned executive coach and leadership consultant with extensive global perspective and a strong commitment to fostering diversity.

Diverse Expertise and Global Influence

Coach Nannapat brings over a decade of rich experience in guiding leaders from diverse backgrounds. Her clientele ranges from top executives in Fortune 10 companies to innovative minds in agile startups.

Nannapat's expertise encompasses a wide array of areas including leadership development, executive presence, stakeholder management, and expanding global influence. Her approach is not just academic; it is fueled by a genuine passion for talent development and leadership excellence, making her an invaluable mentor for aspiring and established leaders.

Unparalleled Credentials and Innovative Approaches

Coach Nannapat's credentials are a testament to her comprehensive knowledge and skill in the field. As a Professional Certified Coach (ICF-PCC), she upholds the highest standards in coaching. Her certifications in Certified Reinvention Associate, Accelerating Coach Excellence (ACE)™, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Talent Optimization Consulting™, Positive Psychology, and as a SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP), further underline her multifaceted expertise.

Program Date

The next cohort is in Sep 2024

Program Fee:


Secure your spot in this exclusive program – Limited seats available

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  • Some of the success stories

    Our program provides tools and insights that help our clients gain clarity, strategies, and action steps to reach their goals. Hear from those who’ve experienced transformative growth with Coach Nannapat.

    I can see that my career in the next 6 months will be very bright. Within the first session, I had learnt so many nuggets that I already have a plan to implement. I realized I wasted a year of going at it myself. That's my lesson learned. I can only get better from today. Thanks, Nannapat.

    Senior Manager at Google

    Coach Nannapat has helped me gain the tools that have allowed me an opportunity to advance to the next level of management in my organization.

    Program Executive, Global SAAS company

    Nannapat was the best! Very eye-opening and insightful. She was very approachable and was clear in her feedback. She really provided me with the insights and tools I needed to work on my development to achieve greater impact. 

    Sr. Director, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing Company

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    Q: What makes the Strategic Leadership Transformation Program different?

    Our Strategic Leadership Transformation Program offers a unique Executive Development opportunity. As part of this inaugural cohort, participants will experience several distinctive benefits:

    Personalized Attention: With a limited number of seats, each participant receives more personalized guidance and interaction with Coach Nannapat Sage.

    Exclusive Networking Opportunities: Being part of the first cohort allows for deeper connections with a select group of like-minded professionals, fostering a strong community of strategic leaders.

    Early Access to New Strategies and Tools: Participants will gain strategies and tools in strategic leadership development, placing them at the forefront of leadership innovation.

    This is not only learning opportunity; it's a chance to be part of a pioneering group of leaders who are setting new benchmarks in strategic leadership.

    Q: What technical requirements are needed to access the lessons?

    Basic internet access and a suitable device (computer, tablet, or smartphone) are required. No specific software is needed.

    Q: What is the weekly time commitment for this program?

    The lessons is designed to micro learnings which would require about 1 hour per week, including lessons and worksheets, making it manageable alongside professional commitments. The participants will join live coaching sessions which last about 1 hour/week. Session recordings are provided if participants cannot join live.

    Q: What level of interaction with the instructor, Coach Nannapat Sage, is available?

    Participants will have the opportunity to interact with Coach Nannapat Sage during the live group coaching sessions and through the course's dedicated forum.

    Q: Are there networking opportunities within the program?

    Yes, participants gain access to a community of professionals, enabling networking, sharing insights, and collaboration on leadership challenges.

    Q: Can the program be customized to focus on specific leadership challenges?

    While the course follows a structured curriculum, the live group sessions and forum discussions allow for addressing specific leadership challenges.

    Q: How long can I access the online lessions? 

    You have 12 months to access the online lessions and session replays.

    Q: What kind of support is available if I have questions during the program?

    A dedicated forum for asking questions and interacting with peers is available, along with live coaching and Q&A sessions with the instructor.

    Q: Can I access the course material after completing the course?

    Yes, participants have continued access to the course material for one year after completion.

    Q: What if I am not satisfied with the program? Is there a refund policy?

    We have confidence in the quality of our program, which is why we provide a 14-day refund policy. If you have proved that you complete all the worksheets, assignments, and attended at least one live group session, but haven't gained any value from the program, you can contact Coach Nannapat directly to request a refund.

    Q: How can I apply the skills learned in this course to my current role?

    The program equips you with practical tools and frameworks for immediate application in your professional life to enhance leadership effectiveness.

    Q: Do I receive a certificate upon completing the course?

    Upon completion of the lessons, you will receive a certificate to share with your professional network.

    Q: Is there any prerequisite knowledge needed before starting the course?

    No specific prerequisites are required, though a basic understanding of leadership principles is beneficial.

    If you have any specific question, feel free to reach out at [email protected]

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