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Nannapat Sage

Known as Coach Nanna

Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant

Nannapat Sage is an accredited, ICF-Certified Global Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant with a background in consulting, executive recruiting, and talent management.

Recognized as one of the Top Leadership Coaches in America by the Coach Foundation and a Leader in Executive Coaching  by The International Association of Women (IAW), Nannapat empowers executives around the globe. She was featured in Fast Company and several other publications, sharing her expertise on leadership and executive development.

She concentrates on developing their strategic mindset, enhancing executive presence, and equipping them with the skills to navigate change, thereby elevating their impact on the team and business.

Nannapat's coaching style is shaped by her global experiences and journalistic insights, enabling her to offer tailored strategies that foster resilient and adaptable leaders. This approach is integral to her role as CEO of Potentia, a consulting firm specializing in bespoke leadership solutions.

Committed to fostering leadership excellence in today's dynamic business environment, Nannapat guides her clients to adeptly navigate and master the complexities of modern leadership, ensuring they thrive amidst the ever-evolving challenges and opportunities.

How I Embraced Change as My Compass

Collective Wisdom from a World in Flux

In the early stages of my career as a journalist, I was privileged to delve into the lives of leaders who not only faced change but thrived in it. Interviewing these influential figures, I observed a common thread – their ability to navigate and harness change was key to their success.

This insight laid the foundation for my international career and shaped my perspective on leadership.

A Shift to Executive Recruitment: Uncovering the Impact of Change

Transitioning into executive recruitment and talent management, I integrated my journalistic insights with a new understanding: change is often the biggest challenge and opportunity for leaders. Here, I saw firsthand how leaders who embraced change excelled, while those who resisted it often found themselves stagnating or struggling.

A Revelation from the Talent Management World

In my global executive talent management work, I saw a clear truth. Many skilled and experienced leaders struggled to keep up with rapid changes in their fields. Hard work wasn't always enough. Their difficulty in adapting to fast-paced changes often led to missed opportunities.

It was challenging to see talented executives fall behind, not because of their skills, but because they had difficulty embracing change to the constantly evolving demands of their roles.

Realizing the Power of Adaptability and Resilience

These experiences brought me to an important realization: success in leadership is as much about navigating change as it is about strategic decision-making and influence. Leaders often get stuck because they are unprepared for change or resist it, rather than embracing it as an opportunity for growth.

My Quest: Empowering Leaders to Thrive through Uncertainty and Change

This understanding became the catalyst for my mission. As an Executive Coach and Business Consultant, my goal is to empower leaders not just to navigate change, but to use it as a stepping stone to greater heights. I am committed to helping leaders develop the resilience, adaptability, and strategic foresight needed to thrive in an ever-changing world.

Join Me on a Journey of Transformation. 

Let's embark on this journey together. I am here to support and guide you through the complexities of change, helping you transform challenges into opportunities for extraordinary growth and impact.

A little more about me...

Throughout my career, I've had the opportunity to live, studied and work in diverse roles across five continents. My journey has taken me from being a business leadership journalist, where I wrote the 'One Step Ahead' column, to roles like International Executive Recruiter, Succession Planning & Leadership Consultant, and Global Talent Leader. Today, I bring all these experiences together in my role as an Executive & Leadership Coach.

I consider myself a lifelong learner, always eager to absorb new knowledge and best practices. This continuous learning helps me keep my coaching practice innovative and effective, ensuring my clients receive the most advanced and impactful guidance.

My qualifications include a range of prestigious credentials: I am an ICF-Certified Professional Coach (ICF-PCC), an ACE Coach Accelerator™ Enhanced Practitioner, and a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

I'm also trained in Positive Psychology, Talent Optimization, and Business Performance Coaching. Additionally, I hold a Company Director Certification from the Institute of Directors and am a Certified Senior HR Professional (SHRM-SCP) and a Certified Reinvention Associate. My academic background includes a Master's Degree in English from Bangkok and a Human Resources Management Certificate from Villanova University.

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