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Attention: Corporate Professionals and Leaders Who Are Struggling To Be Visible & Want To Navigate How To Increase Opportunities For Promotion and Advance Your Career.

Do You Want To Be More Visible & Stand Out At Work?

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    Most people think that by working hard, they will be rewarded with career progression and promotion, or by achieving their KPIs, they will be recognized for the next important projects.

    "The truth is your “Accomplishments don’t speak for themselves.”

    Only focusing on doing a good job and working hard alone will not get you to the next promotion or career opportunity inside your company. Many people were not able to advance their careers, not because that they are not great performers or skilled, but they don’t know how to communicate their accomplishments and leverage their superpower that others understand. 

    When it comes to a “Promotion” time, they were surprised that you didn’t get the promotion they worked hard to get. Or they received an average rating on their “Performance Review” when they thought they would get an excellent rating. Or they are not supported for their career development because they can’t provide win-win solutions for themselves and the company.


    There are 4 main things that will be able to help professionals like yourself to be more visible, stand out, advance your career and make more impact you always want to make. 


    Authentic Personal Brand

    Stakeholder Engagement

    Self Advocacy

    Network of Advocates


    You have a personal brand as you are your own brand. If your personal brand doesn’t represent who you are and how you perform, your visibility at work suffers. 

    If your personal brand is great but you don’t know how to engage stakeholders and provide value, your performance will not be recognized. If you are promoting yourself too much and your performance doesn’t reflect your personal brand, your reputation will be in danger. You must know how to balance the activities.

    The good news is that all these skills can be learned and practice.

    This KNOW-HOW has been KEPT SECRET.

    Those who know how to utilize all these skills are thriving in the organizations. 





    To Stand Out & Advance Your Career


    The “Authentic Visibility” Program is for you if you are in the process of building a solid personal brand, learning how to manage up and across, building trust with your stakeholders and creating a strong network of advocates.

    Building visibility may seem like an overwhelming task. There are so many elements that need to be considered and implemented at work. This is why this program is created. 

    The Authentic Visibility Program provides the framework and step-by-step guide that you will need to know to increase your visibility while bring out your best talent, passion and the value you bring to that table so you can easily express it in an authentic way. 

    The Program takes you on a journey to building personal branding and self-advocacy that you can use in every step in your career from an entry-level professional to a leadership role. You can be yourself and add more value and make more impact on your team and company.

    If you want to be visible to advance your career or are looking for ways to engage and build trust with high-level stakeholders at work, the program will support you to get to your goals.

    Inside the program, we will cover the details that you can quickly implement to gain more visibility. 

    What You Will Get From The Program

  • Gain the understanding of benefits of you becoming more visible.

  •  Access The "Visible Building" Framework

  • Learn how to define your unique personal brand that enhances your career goals 

  • Build a personal strategy based on their strengths, stories, and unique messages 

  • Learn how to communicate and broadcast a strong brand inside and outside work 

  • Learn how to gain trust from your stakeholders and make more impact 

  • Learn how to communicate your achievements with your stakeholders and create more opportunities for your career advancement

  • Discover how to self-advocate without feeling awkward  

  • Learn how to step into the spotlight without others’ expense  

  • Develop the Self Advocacy Plan to make more impact at work and build a network of advocates 



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    Ready To Be In The Spotlight?


    If you are a corporate professional or leader who wants to work on your mindset, presence, and show off your performance so you can get to the next level of your career, this program is for you. 

    If you have the following challenges at work, you will get the benefits from this program.

  • You didn't get a promotion or a project you wanted even though you have a great performance.

  • You are not clear about your values, strengths, unique message, or how to describe yourself.

  • You are not sure if your brand represents who you are and is well perceived by others.

  • You seem to have difficulty working with stakeholders as they might not trust or support you.

  • You are an introvert, shy, and don’t know how to advocate for yourself.

  • Who is this program for?

  • Corporate Professionals & Leaders, Introverts, or Professionals who want to up your game and advance your career.



    How is the program delivered? 

    There are live training and coaching calls included in this program. You will have the zoom links sent to your inbox one week before the live event. The one-on-one mentoring sessions will be scheduled after the workshop based on your and your coach’s availability.

    How credible is this program? 

    This program is created by Nannapat Sage, who's an experienced Coach, certified through International Coach Federation. She used the same framework to successfully grow her career in both small and large corporates. She also uses similar tools to support her clients in the executive and leadership coaching programs.

    You will have access to the same materials and teaching as the private clients who worked with Nannapat on their challenges showing up and increasing their visibility at work. With the framework, lessons and worksheets in the program, you will be equipped with the tools to help you become more visible at work, showing up as a high performer who add value to your team and organization and receiving the recognitions you deserve.

    The program is designed to support you to grow your career without expensive private coaching sessions. You will get the most benefits from the program. If you join the VIP package, you will get a super discounted price to tailor your visibility strategy.


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