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Coaching Programs

Grow Your Self And Make The IMPACT You Always Wanted to Make.


If you ’re a business owner and would like to make a quick intervention to your business so you can be prepare for the next level of business growth. The 6 Week Business Accelerator Program is suitable for you.

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If you ’re a business owner who dreams of making a more significant impact and grow your business in a way that totally lights you up while working less hours, I ’m here to work with you on developing and creating your effective organization that support long term growth in a sustainable way with less overwhelm.

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If you are an executive or a business leader who wants more success in your career, uplevel your personal performance, and lead your team to perform like a well-oiled machine, I'm here to help facilitate your new reality. 

Wherever you are in your career, as long as you have that drive to grow, it is possible to UP YOUR GAME.

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Are You Ready To Make An Important Change?

Start Noticing Positive Changes within A FEW WEEKS.

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What Happy Clients Are Saying

Nanna has been integral in helping me turn my business dreams and goals into reality. Nanna has helped me tap into my values and personality characteristics which propel me forward, as well as those that may hold me back from achieving my goals, in a way that is both inspiring and progressive. Because of Nanna, I am learning to be more efficient in the management of my business, and as a result I am achieving a healthier work-life balance, one which makes me happy both personally and professionally. I highly recommend Nanna for your business development and coaching needs.

- Vanessa S. Goulet, Esq, Business Owner, Goulet Law, PLLC

I engaged Coach Nanna to provide a more diverse experience and perspective to help me reflect on my leadership and team management. I cannot recommend highly enough for you and your staff to book Coach Nanna for her leadership and executive development coaching; the results you will experience will be immediate, and you will see an enormous improvement in your people, their performance, and your company’s performance.

Michael Sypsomos, Founder and CEO of The Mentor Group

In working with Nanna you will be sure to experience new learnings, insights, realisations and have the support for practices in implementing them to create real shifts. Nanna is professional and embodies her role as coach to ensure you as the client get what you come for. I highly recommend working with Nanna!

- Steve O'Halloran , Managing Director, Azuer

Nanna helped me clear the problems in my head and I could come up with the solutions to solve the challenges that I have. Now I can better plan my time , step back and think over again profileabout what I really I like to do in my business to achieve my goals.

- Yan Jin, Founder & Vice President, A Plus Financial

Nanna helped me get more out of myself. She helped me release my pressure, cultivating my own energy and attention. I appreciated she hold love and safe space for me to explore, and ask questions from higher perspective. I have achieved my goals during each session and gained some awareness. I appreciated her attention and her heart full of love.

- Abby Zhu, Business Owner

Nanna helped me identify what I was doing--and wasn't doing--that was keeping me from success. I didn't have a specific one-year-plan. I hadn't identified my niche (i.e. more lucrative) market. I didn't even know what I needed to know profileabout my chosen industry! But more importantly than my lack of external knowledge and focus, Nanna helped me identify what was really driving me psychologically: my fear of failure, fear of aging, low self-esteem, and a lack of trust in myself. She also helped me remember the good things that can come from creating a successful business! For this, I will remain forever grateful.

Nanna is soft-spoken, but her words and insights have enormous power. She rapidly helped me pinpoint the places in which I "nail my foot to the floor" and keep myself stuck in one place. That information alone is tremendously valuable. I am a very lucky woman to have crossed paths with Nanna Sage, indeed. I hope you will, too!

- Lana McGlasson-Gitlin, Business Owner, LMG Tech Writing

In just a short time working with Nanna, I was able to see more clearly what I wanted and even uncover a path to get there in a reasonable, doable way.

- Ayala Shoshan, Business Owner

Before I worked with Nanna, I was very frustrated with how things were going around me and felt like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. I decided to work with Nanna. At first, I didn’t understand, but I kept going and followed her instructions. After a few sessions, my thought process was shifted. I adopted her techniques and use them in both professional and personal settings. My trust in her methods has developed through time, and I can assure you that Nanna is a high-quality coach who can help you see things in a constructive way. Throughout the program, I gained different points of view to deal with challenging issues. Plus, my problem-solving skill has improved significantly.

- Pam Lefevre, Head of marketing, Education Business

Nanna was very insightful and could help me see through the challenges I faced in a short time. I was amazed at how quickly I could uplift my mindset and work more productive to achieve my goals. Most importantly, I feel more aligned and could lead my team in a much better way.

- Jason Gonzalez, VP Engineering

I worked with Nanna to strengthen and identify my talents, so I can be at my best for the job interview. I credit my successful job interview to Nanna’s very informative coaching. Her coaching allowed me to present myself to the fullest during my interview. In the past, I have not done so well during the interview not because I was incompetent, but I was unable to bring out the characteristics which employers find valuable. Nanna's coaching empowered me to be more confident. I am proud to say that I am employed with America’s largest patient monitoring medical equipment because of her.

- R. Chong, Senior Programmer

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