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Nannapat Sage

AKA Coach Nanna

Executive Coach, Leadership Consultant

Nannapat Sage is an accredited, ICF-Certified Global Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant with a background in consulting, executive recruiting, and talent management.

Nannapat has been recognized as one of the Top Leadership Coaches by the Coach Foundation and a Leader in Executive Coaching  by The International Association of Women (IAW). She works with executives worldwide to increase their strategic influence and executive presence to level up to make more impact on their teams and business. 

Nannapat is passionate profileabout helping leaders and teams thrive with ease. She’s the CEO of Potentia, a consulting firm specializing in leadership solutions.

Master Your Influence & Leadership Skill With Ease

Connect With Nanna

My clients are...

High Achievers and Business Leaders .

They seek to enhance their leadership capacity and make a significant impact on their team and business.

My clients hire me because of the results they can achieve, 

Increase Leadership Effectiveness

Gain Executive Presence

Become A Strategic Leader

Master Influencing Skills

Step Into A New Role

Succession Planning

Executive Career Acceleration

Bottom line…

Executives and leaders can improve their performance by 30% (conservatively) or even double their personal and team performance, resulting in a greater impact on their business.

If you desire to be a great leader with outstanding performance, let's connect.

Connect With Nanna


Early in my career as a journalist, interviewing and capturing stories from hundreds of successful and highly influential leaders, I gained leadership wisdom and a mindset that helped me grow my career internationally. As an Executive Recruiter and Talent Leader, I integrated the wisdom I learned into assisting leaders and executives in reaching the next level of their success.

Along the way, I've met many high-caliber leaders who are frustrated with not being recognized for their work, getting stuck, and not excelling from where they are. Many executives felt that despite working very hard, their performance didn't reflect their efforts, and they were often passed over for promotions. They felt tired, burnt out, and defeated.

The most heartbreaking experience I had as an executive recruiter was replacing executives who didn't perform in their jobs. I witnessed these patterns repeat themselves over and over. It was not an experience I enjoyed. Based on meeting both thriving and struggling leaders from all over the world, I realized that the stories they tell themselves dictated their success in their careers.

Many leaders are stuck and unable to step up from where they are because they stand in the way of their success. Without changing their stories and understanding their blind spots, leadership styles, and value alignments, they won't be able to move forward and shine. I saw similar patterns and leadership styles that stalled business growth and weakened operations repeatedly. I wished I could help turn the situation around.

Had each leader known their blind spots and what they could improve on at the early stage in their career,


Had they been prepared and supported during their career transition,


Had they had a sounding board, they will be more aware of their autopilot and emotions.


That's the beginning of my quest. 

As an Executive Coach and Business Consultant, I'm on a mission to support leaders in creating their success stories and thriving in their roles as high-performing and inspiring executive leaders so they can make a significant impact on themselves, their teams, and their business.

I look forward to getting to know and supporting you on your journey to 10X performance and impact.

A little more profileabout me...

I've lived and worked across 5 continents in various positions, including business leadership journalist covering the One Step Ahead column, International Executive Recruiter, Succession Planning Consultant, Global Talent Leader, and now Executive & Leadership Coach.

I'm a Life-Long Learner and a Student of Best Practices. I keep myself up to date and up-level my coaching practice with cutting-edge tools and knowledge to ensure that my clients get the best results when working with me.

Some of the credentials include International Coach Federation (ICF-PCC), ACE Coach Accelerator™ Enhanced Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, Positive Psychology Practitioner, Talent Optimization Consultant ™, Business Performance Coach, Company Director Certification (Institute of Directors), Certified Senior Human Resources Professional (SHRM-SCP). In addition, I graduated with a Master's Degree in English from Bangkok and a Human Resources Management Certificate from Villanova University.

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