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What Happy Clients Are Saying

Coach Nannapat understood very quickly where I needed help. She sent me materials where I was able to chalk out my schedule and understand why was I did not find time. She helped me navigate how delegation can help and what it means by Executive presence.

-Sr. Director, The Bank of New York Mellon

Nannapat was very insightful and could help me see through the challenges I faced in a short time. I was amazed at how quickly I could uplift my mindset and work more productive to achieve my goals. Most importantly, I feel more aligned and could lead my team in a much better way.

-Jason Gonzalez, VP Engineering, Global Software Company

Nannapat's ability to distill my conversation and provide usable feedback is superlative!In the last year, I have grown professionally and personally at an exponential rate. I could not have done this without my coaching.

-Sr. Sales Director, Global Technology Finance Company

I love that Nannapat is holding me accountable and encouraging me to embark on behavior changes (even if it may feel awkward and unnatural at the beginning) and that practice and repetition could help me turn the new behavior into a natural habit toward becoming an inclusive leader.

-Sr. Technical Manager, Fortune 100 company

Nannapat helped me digest this feedback in an empowering way. She also helped me identify some immediate steps to take in order to improve the situation. She asked me targeted questions to help me come to my own epiphanies and change my outlook. It is very powerful.

-Director, Global Healthcare Company

Nannapat was extremely professional. She ensured the time was well invested and that I focused on making progress toward the direction we had set together.

-Vice President HR IBM

Nannapat has been an excellent coach and really got me thinking and experimenting on my approach to self-regulation, communication, and organizational branding. She set up a comfortable environment to encourage self-reflection and challenged me to exercise opportunities for growth. She has helped me gain the tools that have allowed me an opportunity to advance to the next level of management in my organization.

-Chief Program Officer , Public Enterprise

Nannapat is excellent at listening and noticing things about you that you might not be aware of yourself. Sometimes it feels like you're just having a friendly conversation and then suddenly Nanna helps you uncover a really important revelation. If you put in the effort and focus, you'll be able to change major things in your life through coaching with her. In our first session, my goal was to improve my confidence at work and to have a plan for the next couple of years in my current role, but by our last session I decided I wanted and was ready for a promotion and had a plan to actively seek it in less than a year.

-Christina Michener, Learning & Development Specialist

Appreciation Notes & Results 

What else clients say?

Nanna is a very effective coach. She did a great job to challenge me and was a very empathetic listener who asked the right questions at the right time. I felt very comfortable to open up and express my concerns and worries freely with Nanna. I would highly recommend Nanna as a coach as she really helped me identify my ultimate goal and break apart from what was holding me back.

-Sumom G, Corporate Strategy Director

With Nannapat's coaching and encouragement, I feel more confident having productive conversations with individuals I may not see eye-to-eye with, and she has certainly given me many tools to use when planning strategic activities.

-Global Director, Public Enterprise

Nanna created a non-judgemental space that helped me think outside the box I had created for myself. She is pleasant and interesting to work with. At the same time, she is tenacious and challenging and pushed me to look harder at my own patterns. As an outcome of our work together, I feel more confident and capable in my work. I also saw ways to improve my own practice from her coaching approach.

-Julie Lautens, Phd., Private Practitioner

Nanna has been integral in helping me turn my business dreams and goals into reality. Nanna has helped me tap into my values and personality characteristics which propel me forward, as well as those that may hold me back from achieving my goals, in a way that is both inspiring and progressive. Because of Nanna, I am learning to be more efficient in the management of my business, and as a result I am achieving a healthier work-life balance, one which makes me happy both personally and professionally. I highly recommend Nanna for your coaching needs.

-Vanessa S. Goulet, Esq, Goulet Law, PLLC

I engaged Coach Nannapat to provide a more diverse experience and perspective to help me reflect on my leadership and team management. I cannot recommend highly enough for you and your staff to book Coach Nanna for her leadership and executive development coaching; the results you will experience will be immediate, and you will see an enormous improvement in your people, their performance, and your company’s performance.

-Michael Sypsomos, Founder and CEO of The Mentor Group

Before I worked with Nannapat, I was very frustrated with how things were going around me and felt like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel. I decided to work with Nanna. At first, I didn’t understand, but I kept going and followed her instructions. After a few sessions, my thought process was shifted. I adopted her techniques and use them in both professional and personal settings. My trust in her methods has developed through time, and I can assure you that Nanna is a high-quality coach who can help you see things in a constructive way. Throughout the program, I gained different points of view to deal with challenging issues. Plus, my problem-solving skill has improved significantly.

-Pam Lefevre, Head of Marketing, Education Business 

I worked with Nannapat to strengthen and identify my talents, so I can be at my best for the job interview. I credit my successful job interview to Nanna’s very informative coaching. Her coaching allowed me to present myself to the fullest during my interview. In the past, I have not done so well during the interview not because I was incompetent, but I was unable to bring out the characteristics which employers find valuable. Nanna's coaching empowered me to be more confident. I am proud to say that I am employed with America’s largest patient monitoring medical equipment because of her.

-R Chong, Program Manager

Nannapat is brilliant! I loves working with Nanna. She is a very attuned listener who gives space for the client to find their way and then , Boom, powerful questions that go deeper in support of what I want in the session. I loved partnering with Nanna and thoroughly recommend her as a coach. Thank you Nanna!

-Steve O'Halloran, Managing Director Azuer

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