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Are You An Aspiring Executive or A Leader Who’d Like To Advance To The Next Level? 

As an executive or a leader, you fully understand the critical importance and vital role that leadership plays in not only your own success but those who look up to you. Unfortunately, sometimes one's own personal leadership abilities can be a bit lacking, which can lead to lackluster performance within their own team members and the entire company.

There are THREE pitfalls I see when leaders try to make a leap in their leadership performance. 

First, many leaders are using the "Lead By Example" technique, pushing themselves so hard to be of service, appear a certain way as they should do as a leader, and hope that their team members will see and perform the same. Yes, it is a great technique that has been proven to be successful, but it does not motivate everyone on your team as they are built differently.

Second, many leaders have many ideas to develop themselves from reading books and attending many training classes for many years. They gained a lot of knowledge and information, but they cannot make a leap. Studies show that after a week, people forget 90% of the information from their training classes. The truth is, Information does not equal transformation.

Third, many leaders are not investing in their own personal development. Some of them only wait for their company's mercy to provide a training budget for them to upskill their leadership skills. Some leaders think they should work harder and things will get better. When leaders get to a certain level in their career and not embrace a new way to lead, they will most likely not be able to increase their own capacity and make a leap to the next level. "What Got You Here, Won't Get You There," said Marshall Goldsmith, the World's Top Executive Coach. The good news is, Leadership Capability can be vastly increased with just a few small changes in ways you may have never even considered.

The great news is that you can greatly improve leadership performance by making a few small changes in ways you may have never even thought of before.. 

How would your life be different if you could 


& create MORE IMPACT on your team, delivering substantial Business Results. 



A Private Coaching Program for Leaders, Who Are Ready To Step Up For A Personal Transformation.

The Ascend Executive Coaching Program is a customized program designed to suit your needs and address specific challenges you face with leadership effectiveness and executive presence.

The personalized program will help individuals in leadership positions, like yourself, to activate and align with your authentic self and leverage your strengths.

This will enable you to enhance your unique leadership capability, executive presence, and overall productivity. By doing so, you will be able to quickly and easily achieve your important goals, while also making significant positive impacts on your team and those around you.

The highly impactful Executive Coaching Program is built on a foundation of structured processes and utilizes multiple coaching tools that are both powerful and effective.


This exclusive private coaching program for corporate leaders like yourself who is ready to up your game.

This program is for you if you’re an EXECUTIVE or LEADER who is driven and wants to be a better leader and grow your own capacity so you can BE MORE AUTHENTIC SELF and PERFORM MORE...

  • You are an Executive or a Leader with direct and indirect team 

  • You are seeking to improve your leadership skill and executive presence

  • You want to build or strengthen your Leadership Brand to help increase personal and team performance plus boosting your visibility

  • You are tired of feeling overwhelmed, overworked or even stagnant in their own position

  • Want to be able to step up, be a great leader, and exude natural confidence

  • You want to become confident in your leadership ability so you can step up to the next leadership role

  • You want to feel more driven and be able to always show up at the top of your game.


  • Someone who is not committed and doesn't see the value of investing in themselves as a way to grow their knowledge and skills

  • Someone who believes they will instantly have a return on investment simply because they enrolled

What do happy clients say?

Nannapat has been an excellent coach and really got me thinking and experimenting on my approach to self-regulation, communication, and organizational branding. She set up a comfortable environment to encourage self-reflection and challenged me to exercise opportunities for growth.

Head of Programs, Public Enterprise

Nanna was very insightful and could help me see through the challenges I faced in a short time. I was amazed at how quickly I could uplift my mindset and work more productive to achieve my goals. Most importantly, I feel more aligned and could lead my team in a much better way.

Jason Gonzalez, VP Engineering